Premium Pretties Kit - Light Elegance

Premium Pretties Kit

  • $99.95
  • Save $25.70

Light Elegance has added to its pigment arsenal with the introduction of the Premium Pretties. The Premium Pretties take the shimmer and shine of the Effect Pretties to a whole new level. Watch as light dances off every set and enjoy seven new pigments that span the color spectrum. 

The Premium Pretties are available in this cost-saving kit and also individually.

The Premium Pretties Kit Contains ::

Morocco – A combination of mirrored pink, gold and green.

Ice – A baby soft pink and silver shimmer.

Opal – A mirrored, opalescent shimmer.

Cherry Gold – A flat, rosy bronze.

Amethyst – A bright violet-white shimmer that pops.

Celeste – Jewel tones of soft pink and soft blue.

Mediterranean – A solid aqua-mermaid shimmer.

Premium Pretties, Contains 7 Premium Pretty Powders.